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Balance Pak 100
(To raise total alkalinity)

Brand: SpaGuard
SKU: 4905-SDS

SpaGuard's Balance Pak 100 (alkalinity increaser) is one of the top selling balancers! It raises your alkalinity levels to prevent pH "bouncing" due to rain, heavy bather load, chemicals, and organic materials. It also helps to elongate the life of your liner, heater and prevents metal corrosion by keeping the pH in check!

  • SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 is used to raise Total Alkalinity in spa water.
  • A level teaspoon contains approximately 8 gms. The addidtion of 18 gms (approximately 2 teaspoons) of SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 per 1,000L of water will raise Total Alkalinity by 10ppm. Add directly to the spa water, with pump in operation.
  • Low Total Alklanity causes spa water to be corrosive and irritating and may result in staining and etching of the spa surface.
  • Low Total Alkalinity may cause pH to fluctuate excessively wen being adjusted. This is known as pH "bounce".
  • For these reasons, Total Alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 125-150ppm.