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Soft Soak Chlorine Granules
(Controls bacteria)

Brand: SpaGuard
SKU: 4203-SDS

Soft Soak Chlorinating Granules is a practical, easy to use sanitizer for spa and hot tub water. It rapidly and completely dissolves to provide effective chlorine sanitation without cloudy or insoluable residue in the water.

Maintain recommended daily levels as determined by testing kit of 3.00-5.00ppm.

Superchlorinate a freshly filled spa by adding 20g of SoftSoak Stabilized Chlorinating Granules per 1,000L of spa water. Maintain circulation at least 30 minutes and wait 4 hours before using.

SoftSoak Stabilized Chlorinating Granules contains stabilizer (cyanuric acid) which will accumulate in spa water. Keep stabilizer within 30-100ppm range by dilution with fresh water.

For proper sanitation spas must be completely drained periodically.